Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Sydney Tongan Seventh-Day Adventist Church


Church History


A Tongan group started in the 80s in Sydney under the leadership of Elder Sitiveni Fine.

This Tongan Group became the “Tongan Company” on 27th April 1985 and the members were worshipping at the Ashfield SDA Church hall. Pr Barnabas Shelley was the pastor for the church.

The “Tongan Company” moved to the Lakemba SDA Church property on the first week of July 1989 and was called the Lakemba Tongan Company. Pr ‘Ilaisa Teaupa was the pastor.

On 26th May 1990 the Lakemba Tongan Company became an Organised Church and was called the Lakemba Tongan SDA Church.

On 19th February 1991, the Lakemba Tongan SDA Church bought the Lakemba Church property from the Conference.

On 31 January 2008, the Lakemba Tongan SDA Church bought a 5 acres property in Leppington known as “Four Winds” to build a new church facility that is big enough for the members and any future growth. The Lakemba Church property was sold at this time too.

On 23rd February 2008, the Lakemba Tongan SDA Church moved and used the Hoxton Park SDA Church hall and the name of the church was changed to “Sydney Tongan SDA Church.”

The multifunction hall in 124 George Road, Leppington (Four Winds) is expected to be completed this year 2014 and the Sydney Tongan SDA Church will move from the Hoxton Park SDA church facility to this new facility when completed.